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Welcome to the official blog page for LEGO® Watches and Clocks – We’ve been making telling the time awesome since 1999! Our aim is to keep you up to date with our latest news, product releases, promotions and much more!

Our products are a mixture of our own brands, licensed products and private label. We are the licensee for Star Wars™ watches and clocks and are an exclusive global licensee for LEGO® watches and clocks. We have distribution throughout over 8,000 retail outlets in North America as well as over 20 countries on 4 continents; primarily on a direct basis but also supplemented by the efforts of selected distributors. Our company and brands are recognised globally with some of today’s most important retailers and distributors. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality, reliable and ethical products in several different markets.

We have offices in the UK. Hong Kong, the US and Australia operating in manufacturing and sales respectively. These offices form an effective operation network which delivers quality products from design to manufacture efficiently and economically for distribution to our customers around the globe.

LEGO® Watches and Clocks are perfect for LEGO fans of all ages! Our quality products are built on the distinctive values of the LEGO brand, encouraging creativity, imagination and learning all with a heavy dose of fun!

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